PickFlicks Help and User Guide

The PickFlicks Windows Phone application lets you browse the latest Netflix titles available for instant streaming and easily add to your queue.  The list is presented with the most recent items at the top, and is updated on our servers several times per day.  You can get the latest data by exiting the application (via the back button on the main screen) and restarting, or by refreshing the data from the title details page.  See below for details.

You can download the application by clicking the “Download for Windows Phone” link below:

Download For Windows Phone

Main Page

The main screen shows the latest 200 titles available for Netflix streaming along with the user rating and rotten tomato rating for movies.  Scroll through the list by flicking up or down.  Clicking on an individual title shows the details (see below).

Title Details

This page shows a description for the title and allows access to the following functions:

– Add to Queue: If you are a Netflix subscriber, this adds the title directly to the end of your instant queue.  You must authorize Netflix prior to the title being added.

– Options: Other program options (see below for details).

NetFlix Authorization

If you add a title to your queue, you must first authorize Netflix.  This is a one time operation, and PickFlicks will remember this authorization via a secure OAuth process.  Enter your login information and wait for the next screen to appear before clicking on any buttons.

Once the Thank You screen shows, click the Done button to continue and complete the title addition.

Other Actions

Clicking on the ellipses (…) performs the following operations:

– Reload Titles: Force reloads the latest title data from our servers.  Normally this is not necessary as the system automatically loads data when the program starts.

– Details On Netflix: Opens the browser directly to the Netflix title details page where you can examine further information.

– Share Details Link: Allows you to share a link to the Netflix title details page for the current title to facebook, twitter, etc.

– About: Shows a page showing support contact information about PickFlicks including a convenient way to give a Marketplace rating

– Clear Settings: If there seems to be an issue loading titles or adding to your queue, this setting clears settings and usually fixes the problem.

This is the Netflix title details screen which opens in a browser page.  It allows you to browse the full site outside the application.  Press the back button on your phone to return to the application.

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